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  •  Masks are required for all concert attendees while in the building– U of M Policy.

  • · In addition, our musicians will also be wearing masks.


Vaccines & Covid-19 Testing

  • Vaccines (and boosters) Strongly Encouraged

  • If not vaccinated, a negative PCR test within 72 hours recommended


Social Distancing Seating

  • Concert seating socially distanced a minimum of 6 ft apart per group

  • ·Small groups who wish to seat together can be arranged by subscriber request (5 – 6 maximum)


Social Distancing Entry & Exit

·        When entering and exiting the concert hall, provide 6 to 10 feet minimum between your designated group and others.

Entrance into the Hall

▪ Contactless Entry: Please show your eTicket or paper ticket to scan for entry. Paper tickets will not be collected.  

▪ Tickets will be scanned outside the doors to the concert hall.

▪ Attendees will be directed to a specific entrance for immediate entry into the concert hall to take their seats.


Exiting the Hall

▪ Directions will be given at intermission and end of the concert for using side exits and main exit

▪ Tiered exiting instructions will be given.

▪ For entry and exit by the main back doors –subscribers will be asked to stay to the right or left side for exiting the concert hall.

▪ Doors to outside from the main hallway will be propped open for exiting to promote quicker exit and provide fresh air.

▪ No gathering at end of the concert in the main hallway.



  • No food or bottled water will be provided

  • Exiting the hall will be staggered and directed by a Concerts International board member. We will use side and back doors to exit the hall.

  • Social distancing will be encouraged in main hall and side hallways – with a strong suggestion to move outside if weather permits.

  • Locations of other bathrooms will be provided. 



* COVID-19 entry requirements and protocols subject to change.

Concerts International’s Safety Guidelines
for Concerts at Harris Hall*

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