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Prelude to 50 Season
Winter/Spring 2022

Live Streaming Now Available!

Thursday, February 24, 2022  

  7:30 pm   Harris Hall

Verona Quartet

Verona Quartet

Pre Concert Interview

Concert Will Be Live Streamed from Harris Hall 
Attend in person -or - watch the live stream    
Your ticket gives you the option to choose!         Link to concert sent to all ticket holders 2/24


Beethoven String Quartet No. 14, Opus 131, Schubert "Quartettsatz",& Bartok String Quartet No. 3

About the Concert

From the Verona Quartet

“Composed during a time when he suffered from near-complete hearing loss, Beethoven’s revelatory Op. 131 is arguably the zenith of his late string quartets, unprecedented in its originality and scope. Upon hearing it, Schubert famously exclaimed, “After this, what is left for us to write?” For Bela Bartok, the answer lay in his revolutionary work as one of the first ever ethnomusicologists. His exploration of traditional Hungarian and Magyar folk music and the resulting six string quartets undoubtedly catalyzed another monumental evolution in string quartet literature whose ripple effects are heard to this day. In the wake of composers like Beethoven, Schubert and Bartok, the question of what is left to write gains increasing profundity - where will the next inflection point lead us?”

About the Quartet

Acclaimed for its bold interpretive strength and electrifying performances, the Verona Quartet has firmly established itself among the most distinguished ensembles on the chamber music scene today. The group’s singular sense of purpose most recently earned them Chamber Music America’s coveted 2020 Cleveland Quartet Award. The Quartet’s members represent four different nations, but their singular approach and unanimity of purpose in both musical and cultural cooperation have quickly earned the group a reputation as an “outstanding ensemble...cohesive yet full of temperament.” (New York Times)


“Outstanding ensemble of young musicians...” “Cohesive yet full of temperament...vibrant, intelligent.”— THE NEW YORK TIMES

“They know what sounds rich and focused and they go with it, denying nothing of our expectations...Interpretive strength and robust characterization....commanding resonance.”— CALGARY HERALD


“Individual parts blended into an organic whole, as if the entire quartet shared a brain...dynamic contrasts were fine tuned to perfection...”— CLEVELAND CLASSICAL

“...fiery ensemble work and big vibrant sound...”— SAN DIEGO UNION TRIBUNE

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