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2023-2024 Season 51 

Season 51 Subscription Information

Season Subscriptions

3 Ways to Buy Your Season Subscription

Reserved Priority Seating 
for past Season 50 subscribers
ends May 31st, 2023 

Are You a Season 50 Subscriber?
If yes, then your seat(s) in Harris Hall have been placed on hold to reserve them for you for our upcoming Season 51.
Due to limi
tations with our ticketing system,  all seats on hold are not available for online selection.  

You can still purchase your season 51 subscription online by selecting any available seat(s) and checking out as usual. You will then be contacted via email or phone to ask if you would like to switch your seats to your regular seating from last season or if you would prefer the seats you selected.  Any changes you request will be done for you and no further action will be required. 

Subscribe By Mail

Individuals wishing to subscribe via mail can use the form below. Please fill out the form completely and mail it to us. 

Subscribe By Phone

Individuals wishing to subscribe via phone can use our phone number (901-527-3067) to call our office or click the button below.

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